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Offering accurately composed Petrol & Diesel Engine Oil, Lubricant Oil, Gas Engine Oil, Motorcycle Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Hydraulic & Transmission Oil, etc...

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About Us

Emirates Export, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is one of the most trusted names of petroleum oils and lubricants market. We are famous in the market with our products brand name BASOL with which we promise the oil or lubricants that have Power Till Last Drop. These words are not just a slogan for us but an assurance to quality that they are spending their hard earned money on the right quality. Each member of our professional family is focused towards serving the quality at affordable prices to the customers. To stand out of the crowd of good, bad and doubtful brands of lubricating oil market, we strive to be different- philosophically & operationally. We have managed to be called as the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of Petrol & Diesel Engine Oil, Gas Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Lubricant Oil, Hydraulic & Transmission Oil, Motorcycle Engine Oil, etc. Processed as per the national norms, our products are in accordance with the national norms and find their use in Industrial Machines, Automobiles and Gear Boxes. 

Our enterprise formulates and markets lubricants and value added base oils from its Vadodara (Gujarat) based unit. The location extensively supports us from logistic point of view as sourcing raw material and dispatching finished products is easier from this place due to its well connectivity with major roads, stations and ports. 

Most Popular Products
Diesel Engine Oil
Diesel Engine Oil is used for lubrication of transmission components of vehicles for enhancing their performance and providing high wear resistance. It reduces friction between moving parts, cooling surfaces and protection against corrosion. This is formulated using high quality mineral oil and other additives to enhance its properties. It also prevents the formation of deposits, neutralizes acidic degradation, and removes contaminants. Made from mineral oil, this is completely suitable for both heavy and light duty applications.
Car Engine Oil
Car Engine Oil is required to provide lubrication to internal moving parts of vehicles to enhance their performance and life. The acid produced from fuel is also neutralized by engine oil and enhances the sealing of piston rings. It also cools the engine components from heat generated by movement of car. This oil might contain polyalphaolefins or mixture of some organic compounds in desired proportions. It also increases the efficiency and provides high wear resistance to the engine.
Bike Engine Oil
Bike Engine Oil is required for lubrication, cooling, sealing, and cleaning of vehicle’s parts. It helps piston rings to form efficient and tight seal with cylinder walls. This oil can be formulated in different types including fully synthetic, semi synthetic, and mineral. It acts like a sand paper and also prevents rust on the surface of engine components. This oil is also known to enhance motorcycle’s average.
Hydraulic oil
Hydraulic oil is a multipurpose liquid which acts as a medium for power control & transfer, heat transfer, as a sealing medium, and lubricant. It is a mineral based fluid which is required to provide energy transmission in a system for the operation & torque generation of the machine. Made from crude oil, it is formulated by high quality refining process with different additives including oxidation inhibitors, anti-corrosive agents, de-emulsifiers, and anti-wear chemicals.  

Our Vision

Our enterprise is working with the vision to become a trusted enterprise with its quality products like as Gear Oil, Automotive Gear Oil  and services in the national as well as international markets. We are focused towards delivering value for money products to the to end customers and building long lasting relations with our business associates. 

Benefits of Using Lubricants/ Oil 

Lubricants are the substance that are basically used for reducing friction between surfaces in mutual contact, it also decreases the amount of heat generated when two surfaces move. Using lubricants or Gear Oil, Automotive Gear Oil  in the engines and machines helps in transporting foreign particles, transmitting forces and heating or cooling the surfaces. The reducing friction property of any material is called as lubricity. Using lubricants can extensively prevent wear by keeping the moving parts apart. By using the lubricants, one can boost the performance of their engine, gear box or machine against wear and fatigue as it consists of high anti-wear or extreme pressure additives. Further, the quality lubricants that exclude moisture and form chemical bonds with surfaces are beneficial in preventing the corrosion and rust.

Product Range

We are manufacturing and supplying below cited products:-

  • Petrol & Diesel Engine Oil
  • Diesel Engine Oil
  • Gas Engine Oil
  • Motorcycle Engine Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Automotive Gear Oil